Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SDAIE Lesson Design Assessment

This assessment is an informal summative assessment that is a check for understanding after a lesson on SSS and SAS. After learning these triangle congruence properties and practicing in groups, pairs and individually, this will check to see who is understanding and who is making mistakes and where. This problem has a nice image and the directions are simple and clear, for all students. For students learning English, if I feel that they need it, I can provide them with the two column table that is common for these types of proofs, or I can scaffold the problem by adding some of the steps of the proof. Many will be able to complete the proof without the steps after practicing many in small groups and with a partner. By having them talk through many problems before this and developing a way to set it up in a two column format while working with others, students should have the necessary tools to complete the proof. 

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