Thursday, September 6, 2012


Where is the problem? This is a photo of a whiteboard in the classroom. It is very difficult to see what the actual problem is because of boards that don't erase well, and pens that are running out of ink.


  1. I am very shocked to see this, the boards are probably very old and that's why they don't erase well. What kind of education can a student get if he can't even see the problem on the board! This form of injustice I am sure reflects on the teacher too. How can a teacher explain anything on this?! I believe a productive learning environment is crucial to our students' success, this is definitely taking away from their learning experience.

  2. Hey I have seen white boards like this and have regularly heard teachers say that they have to often buy their own white board markers because they simply aren't given enough classroom funds to get a class set. Through all the cuts that are in education, I don't understand how it is possible to take away basic resources like a white board and markers.

  3. wow how can kids get any work done when you cant even see whats on the board! My CT told me it is very difficult to get anything fixed in the classroom. You need to fill out a request and it usually takes about 6 months. We finally got a new white board in our classroom.