Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog Post #5

Blog Post #5

This semester, I have been surprised by the literacy levels of my students. They are able to acquire new vocabulary and use it in their speech and writing. Students have learned vocabulary through clear definitions and repeated use in their written and oral explanations of problems that they do. They have resources that they can use to help them demonstrate this knowledge, such as graphic organizers and a word wall with visual and written explanations of vocabulary terms. They are not able to only read this information and be expected to use it. They need to see what they are learning, hear it verbally and then use it. It is not possible to give them a list of vocabulary terms and expect them to use this information to understand concepts and use it on problems.

Journal... Sept. 30, 2013
My literacy rich classroom looks like an environment where students are beginning to use multiple input methods to learn vocabulary in mathematics.
My students are engaged in collaborative group work to practice their use of new vocabulary words before using them in their own practice and writing.
They are reading basic definitions of vocabulary words.

Journal... December 15, 2013
My literacy rich classroom looks like an environment where students are using multiple input methods to learn and master vocabulary in mathematics. Students are using this vocabulary daily to explain their thinking on various problems both in writing and orally.
My students are engaged in a collaborative work environment where they can gather information by listening to others, sharing their thinking orally with members of their group and summarizing their thoughts by applying the vocabulary to explain their thinking.
They are reading definitions of vocabulary words and they are reading word problems that apply their knowledge of vocabulary words and concepts.
They are writing reflections that summarize their thinking about about problems. In these reflections and short descriptions of thinking, they use vocabulary to justify their thoughts and the steps that they took to solve problems.
They are discussing their mathematical thinking with each other during collaborative group work. They use vocabulary to affirm or challenge each other’s ideas and work together to explain their thinking about a problem before applying this knowledge to individual practice.

Journal... May 30, 2013
My literacy rich classroom looks like an environment rich in vocabulary use through multiple pathways. Students read, listen to, write about and speak using new and previously learned vocabulary. Through the repeated use of these words using these different methods, all students have access to this language.
My students are engaged in lessons by interacting with me as well as other students to ask questions, affirm their understanding and explain concepts in small groups or to the whole class. They can then apply this knowledge to their own practice when they individually explain their thinking in writing of a reflection or explanation of the process needed to solve.
They are capable of independent learning in the following areas. Students are able to acquire new knowledge of vocabulary through the repeated use and application of their knowledge. This helps them in reducing the number of errors and assumptions that they make in solving problems.

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